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Within GREEN ENERGY DEPARTMENT, the Company proposes the promotion of a non-conventional energy solution - BIOMASS/BIO-FUEL, in the SALIX – Renewable Energy Project.  


Salix is a plant with power characteristics, used in the biomass production, having the following main features:  

  • 3 – 3,5 cm growing daily
  • resistant to diseases and whether conditions
  • big caloric power up to 4,900 kca/kg
  • a crop/culture life cycle is between 25 and 30 years
  • 0% polluting substances
  • high productivity


The Company intends to develop SALIX Projects in areas in the N-E and S of the country, where it has secured land, having as objective the use of thermal energy resources to produce biomass:  

  • growing SALIX cultures on an area of 40 ha, with its possibility to be extended;
  • using SALIX cultures to produce pellets and wooden briquettes: creating our own technological product line – PELLETS FACTORY, with a total estimated capacity of 1,000 kg/h, in PARTNERSHIP with an investor, who can provide financing and external market for selling the products;
  • selling pellets on the internal and external market, and later on, extending services (selling products + thermal power stations using pellets);
  • expanding the areas for SALIX cultures;
  • the increase of the productivity up to 2,000 kg/h.
23 Sep 2023

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